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328-1931-IX Animals
Michigan Codes
index of Animal related topics

750.50 Definitions;
 charge or custody of animal; breeder or owner of a pet shop; prohibited conduct; forfeiture of animal; violation as misdemeanor or felony; penalty; psychiatric or psychological counseling; other violation of law arising out of same transaction; consecutive terms; order to pay costs; order prohibiting owning or possessing animal for certain period of time; violation of subsection (9); revocation of probation; certain conduct not prohibited by section.

Arrest of persons; seizure of animals.

Animal and companion animal defined; prohibited acts; violation; penalty; consecutive terms; exceptions.

Michigan State University
Legal and Historical Center

Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated. Chapter 750. Michigan Penal Code. The Michigan Penal Code. Chapter IX. Animals. 750.50. Cruel and inhumane treatment of animals; prohibited conduct; forfeiture of animal; penalties; evaluation and counseling; definitions for ยงยง 750.50 and

Drinking Water Contamination
Health and Human Services

One Horse or a Hundred: Manure and Water Don't Mix
Michigan State University

Animal Rescue Directory - Michigan
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