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Notes about E.V.A.
(Elk Velvet Antler)

What is Velvet Antler?

A Gift of Nature

Components of EVA

Components of EVA (more detailed)

Health Benefits


EVA Protects the Liver

EVA for Pets

Thoughts & Precautions




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Elk Velvet Antler 

a natural dietary suppliment 


Quality Products from
Rose Lake Elk Ranch

Elk Velvet Antler Dietary Supplement
(60) 250 mg. capsules per bottle


100% pure Elk Velvet Antler in a 250 mg., 60 capsule bottle.  Suggested dosage: 1-4 capsules per day.

$30.00 / 60ct. Bottle     (Shipping included)
$84.00 /3 - 60ct. Bottles    (Shipping included)


EVA 60ct capsules


Liquid Velvet™ Antler Dietary Supplement
50 ml. glass dropper bottle  -  equivalent to 100 capsules!

Mandarin flavored Elk Velvet Extract with 60% Kosher glycerin and 40% alcohol base (used as a preservative). 
Take by itself, or add to your coffee, tea, or juice. 
Just 5 drops is the equivalent of a 250 mg. capsule!

$30.00 / 50 ml bottle   (Shipping included)
$85.00 / 3- 50 ml bottles   (Shipping included)

EVA Liquid Extract


50/50 Pet Revitalizer

Pet Revitalizer
Powdered Velvet Antler - for your pet
50% Elk Velvet Antler / 50% Elk Liver
2oz Jar
$20.00 ea.  /  3 for $57.00
(Shipping included)




Liquid Velvet™ Dietary Supplement
Wapit ® 1 oz. plastic spray bottle

The same great extract, but in a 1 oz. non-breakable spray bottle to take along with you!  Just spray directly in your mouth or under your tongue.

$15.00 1oz spray bottle
(Shipping included)

EVA Wapit 1oz spray


Liquid Velvet™ Topical Skin Cream with Emu Oil
  Sports Cream with Emu Oil & Peppermint Oil

Elk Velvet with emu oil in a pleasantly fragranced skin cream.  Uses include: muscle aches, rashes, insect bites and dry cracked skin. Your skin will feel smooth and hydrated   A 4 oz. bottle goes a long way!

$18.00 4oz. // 3 - for $55.00  
(Shipping Included)- call for info)

EVA Skin Cream
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